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Quality & Service

The Dufferin Iron & Railings difference lies in our commitment to time-honoured trade skills with a keen understanding of the modern needs of our customers today. Our clients choose us because of our reputation for quality, excellent service, honesty and products of distinctive styles.

We’re Experienced

Our experience distinguishes us from others. Through years of satisfying a diverse range of clientele with a wide-ranging portfolio of projects, Dufferin Iron & Railings is really the most practical and reliable partner for any wrought iron needs.


Over time, we are proud to have cultivated a reputation for skill and industry-leading expertise which keeps our customers satisfied. But see for yourself! Check out our Testimonial page for our many personalized referral letters and online reviews.

We are the Wrought Iron Railing Experts

wrought iron railings torontoAt Dufferin Iron® & Railings, we build what you envision. Wrought iron work can add unique elegance and refinement to your property, whether it’s inside or out—and with our railings, fencing, gates, and more, beauty can truly be functional too.

Since we first opened our doors in 1974, Dufferin Iron & Railings has led the industry as specialists and craftsmen in fabricating and installing wrought iron products such as railings, fences, gates, balconies, and more. The cornerstone to our success has been our unwavering dedication to providing our clients with a personalized and professional experience in addition to using only the finest materials for each project.

The Dufferin Iron & Railings advantage is also in our versatility—we handle projects of all sizes. From simple and affordable residential custom wrought iron railings to larger and complex custom designed railing and fencing projects, we are equipped with the expertise and facilities to handle every project including larger commercial needs.

Why consider wrought iron products?

Adding our products to your property can improve the aesthetic appeal of your home or commercial property.

A variety of designs and functions are possible with the skills and expertise of our wrought iron specialists, making virtually any look you wish to achieve possible. Our expertise in fulfilling your exterior railing needs is unrivalled. We deal with the common challenge of exterior metal with respect to rusting and corrosion by using designs and techniques specifically required for your project and by galvanizing your final product to help your exterior iron railings last. This is crucial since exterior iron is almost always exposed to moisture.

At Dufferin Iron & Railings, we also offer exquisite designs for your interior iron needs. Wrought iron can make a dramatic appearance and makes for a desirable addition to homes of any style. From durable and solid to delicate and ornate, our collection features a wide range of individually crafted products that deliver a touch of unmatched class and style that has withstood the test of time and trend.

Railing replacement

Under the MRAB program, all multi-residential high rise buildings must comply with the Ontario Building Code. In the case that your existing railings need replacement, it is crucial that qualified railings experts like us do the job properly in order to prevent personal injury. Certain railings, such as those in emergency exit stairwells, need to be installed by knowledgeable professionals, so that tenants are not placed in undue danger or hazards during emergency building evacuations. For instance, the Ontario Building Code requires that railings reach a certain height, with a specific distance between vertical pickets; nor can they be climbable. An experienced professional is best equipped with the knowledge and expertise to ensure these special issues are addressed and up to code.

If wrought iron products can add a touch of beauty and improve function in your home or commercial property, explore our website or visit our showroom today and discover more!

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What Our Clients Are Saying

Hi Dennis,

I just wanted to say thank you for arranging to have my railing fixed so quickly and so inexpensively. The men from your company were so nice to deal with and did an excellent job of repairing my railing. Thanks again, Dennis…I am very appreciative of your help and thoughtfulness.

Thank you so much for the great job on our fence. It looks terrific. Dennis was a BIG help and is a very pleasant and knowledgeable guy. The installers were top notch.

We’ll be recommending you with pleasure.